Why you shouldn’t think of cholesterol as an enemy..

It was documented for YEARS how bad cholesterol is meant to be for our body, BUT it has now been discovered that the cholesterol eaten through food actually has VERY LITTLE effect on our blood cholesterol levels, and it is actually the amount of saturated fat and trans fats that we eat, that can have a negative effect on our blood cholesterol levels.

To explain, you first need to understand what cholesterol is and what it does in our bodies.

Getting your omega-3

Omega-3 is often one of those nutrients people have heard of, but don’t understand just how much an important role it can have in health. It’s often thought that oily fish are the only way you can get enough omega-3 in your diet – but this simply isn’t true.

My experience with intermittent fasting (5:2)

The 5:2 diet has become more popular in the last few years (there’s even a 5:2 app!), as a form of intermittent fasting. Intermittent fasting has been praised for its potential health benefits – with the major ones including weight loss, improved glucose tolerance and improved blood cholesterol profiles. Studies have shown that intermittent fasting… Continue reading My experience with intermittent fasting (5:2)

Why is iron so important?

We all hear about iron being essential in the human body, but really what is it about iron that makes it so important? To start off with, one third of all Australians are iron deficient!  That’s more than 8 MILLON PEOPLE!! Iron has many roles in the body and is essential for DNA (our genetic […]

What makes a healthy snack?

A healthy or nutritious snack is one that contains adequate energy to help you concentrate and reduce fatigue and enough protein and fibre to help keep to full to your next meal. The energy or  calories we get from food allows our bodies to function efficiently and helps maximize concentration – a good snack for… Continue reading What makes a healthy snack?

Apple & Cinnamon Bliss Balls

These balls are not only easy to make – they’re healthy too! Made without oils and using low-calorie dried fruit these balls are the perfect snack to keep you going! Recipe makes 10 good-sized balls Ingredients: 1 cup dried apple ½ cup almonds ½ cup quinoa flakes ½ cup dates 1 1/2 tablespoons honey 1… Continue reading Apple & Cinnamon Bliss Balls